Are you a manufacturer of a grocery related product?
  Groceries-Express.com has cooperative advertising programs that will help sell and promote your brand name product.  

Working with Groceries-Express.com we can reach out together and get customers to a virtual marketplace where they can gather information about your product and purchase it.

We can also make shoppers already at Groceries-Express.com aware of your product and influence them to buy through impulse postioning and low price offers.

Groceries-Express.com currently has the following cooperative advertising opportunities.
  • General Internet pay-per-click advertising, banner ads, e-mail blasts
    Sponsored Link advertising campaings at Google Groceries-Express.com will cooperatively advertise your product on major search engines like Google and Yahoo.   When a user clicks on a sponsored link at Google or Yahoo they are forwarded to a landing page for your product hosted by Groceries-Express.com where product information and pricing is shown to the user.  When the user decides to purchase they may also buy other items at Groceries-Express.com.  The items are purchased and shipped/delivered to the user.  Campaign sales generation and statistics are communicated back to the supporting manufacturer.  
  • Print media, direct mail, and television
    These advertising mediums are not easy to measure in terms of effectiveness compared to Internet advertising.  Our direct mail campaigns reach over 4,000 customers who have already purchased items from Groceries-Express.com  
  • Product sampling
    If your product is available in a trial size, we can send these trials out with orders that are currently being placed at Groceries-Express.com.  We feel product sampling ads value to the Groceries-Express.com purchase.  
  • Product positioning within the Groceries-Express.com web site
    There is a limited amount of advertising available at Groceries-Express.com.  Your product will stand out from the competition when working with Groceries-Express.com.
    • We have a selected product image that is always viewable.  This is our most prominent position for advertising.
    • We have featured items that are displayed to users as the first items they see at Groceries-Express.com.
    • We can arrange our aisleways to always show your product first in a list with other similar products.
    • We can make your product a category leader.  Your product will display before any other products from deeper category levels are displayed.  
  • Sponsoring your product as a sale item
    Groceries-Express.com sells a select amount of merchandise at below costs.  Like traditional stores we can limit the quantity and require additional store purchases for these items.  As a manufacturer you may reimburse Groceries-Express.com directly for each item sold.  The more you sponsor the lower we can make the price.  
What products are listed at Groceries-Express.com by Brand Name / Manufacturer?
  Click here to look up our product listings by brand name or manufacturer.
How do I get started?
  Please visit the Groceries-Express.com web site to see if your products are currently listed.    Groceries-Express.com does not purchase inventory in advance of sales so your product must be available from a supplier of Value Center Market. Click here for a complete list of suppliers to the store.

Then send an e-mail to Kraig G. Johnston, President of Groceries-Express.com at KJohnston@GrocExp.com.    You may also phone us at 888-515-0008.